The Benefits of Composite Doors

If your door is in need of an update, installing a composite door is a great option that will improve the overall look of your home. Furthermore, these type of doors come with a lot of benefits for homeowners by improving the functionality of the home as well as providing brilliant kerb appeal.

To help you in you make the right decision about the perfect front door, this blog will explain some of the top benefits of opting for a composite door.

Wow factor

Composite doors come in a range of designs and colours, so whether you fancy a modern look or a traditional feel, you’ll certainly find the right composite door for you. It’s important to remember that your front door is one of the first things you and your guests will see before entering your home. Therefore, if you want to create a great impression replace old and damaged doors with a stylish composite door, and make your home the best on the street.


Chipped paint and dodgy hinges mean you may need to complete regular maintenance on old doors. But, if you’d like a door that requires less maintenance but still looks good, a composite door fits the bill. With effective weathertight seals, these doors are more protected from the elements making them less prone to wear and tear.


If cold draughts are making your home feel like an igloo, the problem may be to do with your front door. Old doors, of those which are badly fitted, are prone to let in let our warm air and let in cold air. This may start to reflect ithroughout your utility bills, as you may need to keep your central heating on for longer and increase the temperature, in order to keep warm. Composite doors, however, are made from insulating materials that will provide greater warmth for your home.


Doors that are visibly damaged and look weak, are more likely to be targetted by criminals. But, alternatively, stronger looking doors such as composite doors, will appear as more of a challenge for home intruders and therefore, act as a deterrent – this could be the difference between becoming a victim of a burglary and your home remaining safe.

Finewood, based in Falkirk, is Scotland’s biggest importer and supplier of indoor and outdoor doors. With a range of styles and designs available, our showroom gives you the opportunity to browse through all of our products and choose the right door for your needs. And, if a composite door sounds like the perfect choice for you, our range of thermally efficient composite doors can be made to measure with customisable features such as a variety of glass and colours. For more information contact us today.