Ermetika EvoKit Single Pocket Door Kit 125mm Frame Jamb White

£ 488.64

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Introducing the Ermetika EvoKit Single Pocket Door: a perfect example of contemporary interior design, combining aesthetic grace with practicality. The EvoKit stands apart with its robust build, made from galvanised steel and aluminium, ensuring both durability and dependability.

The EvoKit is an an innovative approach to door systems for modern environments, offering a clean, streamlined appearance that suits both classic and contemporary interiors. Its cavity sliding feature not only adds an impressive visual aspect but also maximises your living area by saving precious floor space and providing seamless room division.

At the heart of the EvoKit’s design is structural integrity. It includes sturdy metal door jambs and horizontal supports, ensuring stability and longevity. The removable rail allows for easy quality checks and smooth operation, and the system’s adaptability to different wall sizes demonstrates its versatility.

Handling the EvoKit is remarkably easy. Provided as a comprehensive kit, it simplifies transportation and storage, making it a perfect selection for both home and professional environments. Its installation is straightforward and accurate, thanks to the user-friendly snap-fit assembly system, guaranteeing an effortless setup.

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