Do I Need Door Replacement or Door Repair?

Doors are an intrinsic part of any property. In addition to protecting us from unwanted intruders, they also keep warm air in and cold air out, ensuring our homes are comfortable all year round. Whilst front doors provide visitors with a first impression of a property, internal doors create a smooth transition from room to room and can also enhance the interior decor of a home. It’s fair to say that whether inside or out, doors are pretty essential to both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a property and with this in mind, keeping them in tip-top condition is a must.

As with many other home furnishings, it’s not uncommon for doors to suffer a bit of wear and tear over the years, especially as they’re often used on more or less a daily basis. Whether your door no longer operates smoothly or it’s simply starting to look run-down, you may be thinking it’s about time for an upgrade, however, this may not necessarily be the case. There are tons of things you yourself can do to ensure your doors stand the test of time and, in the event that repairs are beyond your expertise, there’s always the option to rely on local joiners.

To ensure you’re prepared for any door related mishap that comes your way, we’ve made a list of some common signs that your door is in need of repair along with maintenance tasks you can carry out to keep your doors in prime condition. In the event that your door has given up the ghost, we’ve also explored the benefits of contacting a professional joiner to arrange your replacement.

Signs your door needs repairing

When you spot that something’s not quite right with your doors, it can be tempting to either start afresh with a brand new door or ignore the problem completely, but this may not necessarily be the best course of action to take. Neglecting small issues can result in them spiralling into more complex and costly problems and, if your door can be fixed with relative ease, repairs are likely to be much cheaper and simpler to carry out than a full door replacement.

So what are some common door problems that can be solved with ease?

Door swelling

Swelling is something that typically occurs in untreated wooden doors as, in particularly humid or rainy weather, the wood will often absorb the moisture, causing the door to change shape. This may mean that the door no longer fits in the frame and as a result, it can get stuck very easily. Doors are designed to allow for a smooth entrance and exit into and from a property and with this in mind, a stiff door can be a nuisance to say the least.

Whilst this may seem like a lost cause, it’s important not to despair straight away. Usually, a swollen door will simply need to be sanded down so that it is able to fit in the door frame and sometimes, locks and handles will need to be realigned so that the door can be opened, closed and locked with ease. These are tasks that you can carry out yourself with the right tools, however, if you’re doubting your abilities, you can always contact a local door specialist for some professional assistance. Going forward, it’s also advisable to have your door treated with a durable wood preserver to reduce the likelihood of this issue resurfacing.

Rusty or broken hinges

Over time, it’s not uncommon for hinges to become rusty, perhaps causing your doors to creak and operate less smoothly. A combination of weather damage, a build-up of dirt and general wear and tear can cause hinges to decrease in quality and, if your property has been the victim of burglary, a particularly forceful break-in may have caused significant damage to your door’s hinges. Rather than replacing the door entirely though, it is possible to simply replace the hinges.

Removing and replacing door hinges one at a time using a screwdriver will ensure the door never has to be detached altogether, making the process much more straightforward for you. Replacing rusty or broken hinges can be a relatively simple project depending on the state of your hinges, but again, if you’re worried about making the problem worse, contact a professional in the industry for expert repairs.

Alignment issues? Contact a door specialist

When doors are used regularly, it’s easy for them to become loose on their hinges, especially if they’re particularly heavy. When there are issues with alignment, this can have a knock-on effect on other areas of the door, for example, you may find that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to lock or unlock the door and further to this, loose hinges could well compromise the safety and security of your property. Whilst this issue could be solved by simply tightening a few screws, it’s advisable to contact a door repair specialist as they will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and efficiently before getting to work on the correct solution.

Further to this, if your locking mechanism has suffered damage as a result of the misalignment, this may also need to be repaired or replaced by a professional. So, in the case that your door’s alignment has shifted, we’d always recommend contacting an expert as this will give you peace of mind that all affected areas have received the correct treatment, restoring your door back to its former glory.

Maintaining your doors

Over the years, it’s inevitable that doors are going to suffer from the odd bit of wear and tear and it’s always worth repairing them sooner rather than later so as not to make the issue worse. Whilst door malfunctions are common, there are preventative measures you yourself can take to reduce the likelihood of these cropping up, some of which we’ve listed below.

Regular cleaning

As mentioned previously, a build-up of dirt and grime can cause certain parts to become stiff which could cause your door to operate less smoothly. Additionally, a neglected door is likely to affect the overall aesthetic of your property, making it look run-down and scruffy. With this in mind, periodic cleaning is essential and it’s extremely easy to do. Wipe away dirt using hot soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge and, for those who have doors with glass panels, using glass cleaner regularly will give your door a lovely sparkle.


If not properly cared for, moving parts such as hinges, rollers and tracks can cause your door to become stiff and may even cause unpleasant creaking or squeaking noises. So, to prevent this from happening, it’s essential to lubricate these parts every so often. Lubricating your doors every few months will ensure they continue to offer a smooth entrance and exit and further to this, it will undoubtedly increase their lifespan.

Keep up with checks and repairs

It may sound obvious, but simply giving your door the once-over every now and again will ensure that minor problems don’t go unnoticed and can be attended to right away. If small issues are neglected, they can often transform into much more significant (and more costly) repairs, so it’s important to always keep an eye on your doors as this could end up saving you a lot of money in the long-run.

Where to go for your new door

Whilst there are many things you can do to keep your doors in tip-top condition, there may come a time when it’s actually more cost-effective to have them replaced rather than repaired. After all, there’s only so much that even the most durable door can take and, when it does finally give up the ghost, it’s essential to source your replacement from experts in the industry.

Reputable joiners and door specialists will supply top-quality, durable doors and further to this, they will likely have tons of different styles to choose from, ensuring your new door fits in seamlessly with the rest of your property’s decor. Experts can advise on which model to go for based on your specifications and, in addition to supplying your new door, they will install it for you to guarantee it’s fitted to the highest standard.

Whether your current door no longer offers security or it’s not energy-efficient, we’d advise relying on the expertise of an accomplished joinery to provide you with a premium product at an affordable price.

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