The Benefits of Good-Quality Internal doors

The type of doors you choose for the interior of your home should be just as considered as the wallpaper and paint. As the entrance to every room in your home, it’s important that they are good-quality, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, functional. Good-quality doors will last you a whole lot longer than cheap alternatives that are installed by an unprofessional tradesman – so don’t skimp on important features of your home. Instead, make it a comfortable and well-presented place for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

If your doors are in need of an update, this blog will explain three of the main reasons why good-quality doors can improve your home.

Fluidity and appearance

To make the look of your home appear well-designed throughout, choosing good quality doors for every room will create a sense of fluidity. Even a beautifully decorated room can lose impact if the doors are old or damaged. With a range of designs and shades avaliable, wooden internal doors will suit any home, and simultaneously make the room feel more spacious when open and cosier when closed.


Doors that are badly fitted and poor quality are no benefit to your room. Those that are not installed properly will not sit right in the door frame, meaning they may be difficult to open and close, and could damage other parts of your home, for example scraping along the floor. Furthermore, it’s important that your doors can close properly to provide privacy between each room and create boundaries around the house.


Another problem associated with incorrectly fitted doors, is the loss of heat that you may experience in your home. While draft excluders are a quick-fix, in the long run, it’s a lot better to invest in good-quality doors that will improve the running of your home permanently. Furthermore, if heat is escaping from your most-used rooms, such as your living room, you may notice a change in your utility bills as you will begin to increase the temperature of your thermostat or keep your central heating on for longer.

Finewood, based in Falkirk, is an established internal and external door supplier since 1990. We have a range of products available in our showroom, suitable for those within the building industry as well as the general public. We can also provide additional features to complement your new doors including skirting, casing and door stops. For more information get in touch today and find out more.