Tips on Improving Kerb Appeal

Selling your home can tough at the best of times. Whether you’re traversing complicated legal jargon or simply looking for ways to make your property more saleable in the future, it can all be a little bit overwhelming. Yet, it’s important to remember that every little helps when looking to sell your home.

With this in mind, first impressions are everything in the property world and your exterior façade, also known as kerb appeal, can make or break a deal. If the front of your property doesn’t exude a welcoming feel to prospective buyers, you’ll find selling your home infinitely more difficult.

Luckily, there are a variety of easy ways you can make your property look amazing to visitors and prospective buyers alike.

Rejuvenate your façade

Sometimes, the best place to start is to spend time sprucing up the front of your home. Over time, your property can begin to look tired and lived in so consider carrying out some repainting and re-pointing work in order to add an injection of vigour to your home’s façade.

There is, however, a fine line with this as you don’t want to spend over the odds for work. It’s also important to consider the design period of the home and aesthetic of the neighbourhood before going too overboard with any renovations.

Lines and symmetry

An overcrowded housefront can feel claustrophobic and messy so always keep symmetry and simplicity in mind when looking to add kerb appeal. When positioning plants and lights, ensure that they are equally paired; this can look especially good around the entrance to the property.

Add some greenery

You don’t need to have a huge amount of space outside the front of your home to add some greenery to your property and it’s one of the best ways to increase its kerb appeal.

Even if you have no useable garden space, consider planting creepers or cultivating plant boxes to add a charming natural touch to the front of your home.

Invest in a new door

The front door is the true face of your property and the first point of contact a prospective buyer will have with your home. With this in mind, an uninspired front door can have a real negative impact on the opinion of your property so it is essential to invest in a quality, great looking door.

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