The Importance of Doorways in Popular Culture

In storytelling, something that plays a huge role in informing world culture, doors and doorways consistently play a crucial role. Metaphorically a doorway creates a path between what we know as the real world and what we see as a fantastical world; a transition that makes its way into a dizzying number of stories.

Whether it’s a subtle transition that indicates a slight change in the character’s world or something spectacular like the tornado that takes Dorothy to the Land of Oz, these metaphorical doorways always play a crucial role. Here we describe just some of the most important physical and metaphorical doors and doorways in popular culture.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has become one of the most beloved stories for children and adults all over the world, moving from the page to the big screen in 2001. In that film, the transition from the real world to a magic world is quite literal in the story and involves a few ‘doorways’.

One doorway into that world is the first letter Harry receives from Hogwarts inviting him to study, but the physical representation of the change in worlds is when he runs straight through Platform 93/4 and arrives firmly in his new life.

The Rabbit Hole in Alice in Wonderland

Written in 1865, Lews Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has proven to be a hugely influential novel for the children’s authors that followed as well as the filmmakers. A slew of spin-off books and films have sprung up in the wake of the story and one of the most important parts of the whole plot is the doorway.

In this story, the doorway takes shape as a rabbit hole that Alice falls down. That imagery has become so ingrained in our cultural dialogue that ‘down the rabbit hole’ has become a phrase all of its own.

Dr Who’s Police Box

In Dr Who, the TARDIS is the vehicle with which Dr Who travels through the fabric of time and space on his adventures. For decades this police box has been an icon of British TV and again represents a doorway through which the stories are told. This time, stepping through the doors of the TARDIS leads the Dr into an unbelievably big place where he can travel anywhere in space and time. Countless British children undoubtedly imagined themselves having their own TARDIS to escape on their own adventures too.

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