Standard Size Doors vs. Made to Measure Doors: Which Is Best for My Home?

Walk into any door shop and you’ll find a wide range of doors that already exist, built to standard door sizes. These are the simplest option for most homeowners who are building a home, but are you sure that’s what you want? Do you need bespoke doors in your home, or are standard measurements good enough for you?

There are many reasons you might choose one option or the other, including finances, style, and personal needs. If you’re still not sure, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might select each type of door.

The Benefits of Standard Exterior Doors

Standard size doors come in a few different sizes so you can fit them to your home. If you visit a store, these are the doors you’ll find right away, since custom doors need to be built to order.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of purchasing a door that is already made to size.

They’re ready to use: If you are looking for something you can install today, a standard door is ideal. You just need to select which door you want from the store, buy it and off you go. You can literally install the door that very day.

Most homes use them: For refurbishing and renovating an existing home, you probably don’t want the expense of changing door sizes. Chances are, your house already has standard sized doors, so you’ll want to find the best one to fit the size that the doorway is already meant to accommodate.

They’re cost effective: You’ll pay far less for a regular door than you will for one that is custom made. If you don’t need high quality and don’t mind your door not quite fitting the doorways, then a standard door is just fine for the price. You’ll save money and still have a way to shut off a room.

They’re available in a wide range of styles and materials: You can find doors in regular sizes throughout the country and these come in quite a few designs and in a variety of different materials. You’ll find everything from wood and composite doors to metal and vinyl options. This gives you plenty of choices to select from.

A standard door can be the perfect door for your home, particularly if you’re on a budget. However, it isn’t always the right answer.

The Benefits of Doors Made to Measure

Custom doors can have a big advantage over standard fit, but it really depends on what you want them for. After all, bespoke designs will tend to be pricier, so they should be worth it. You can talk to a door specialist to find out exactly how they work.

They can be wider if needed. Standard door sizes aren’t always ideal. If you want your home to be wheelchair accessible, for example, you’ll need wider doors than the usual. Custom doors can be built not only to fit the wider doorways, but also with easy access handles for those with limited movement.

They can be made shorter or narrower: Do you have an awkward space under the stairs or a shed that just doesn’t need a full size door? Then a bespoke option is perfect for you. They can make otherwise too small spaces work as a useful place to store items or even as an area for your pet to rest and feel safe. There are many reasons you might want a smaller door and this is a great way to access areas that might not be accessible without a smaller option.

They can be made to higher standards: If you have specific things you want done to a door, you can specify this to the company building it. For example, you can request a solid wood door made from a wood that wouldn’t normally be used in a standard size door. This is about customisation and that’s more than just size.

They will fit exactly: Sometimes, a standard door just won’t cut it because there are still some gaps around it and the door may not fit perfectly even in a supposedly standard doorway. A custom door will fit very well and that’s important when you have a space that needs an exact fit. Studios or soundproof rooms are just one reason you might need a close fitting door.

They can be designed for you: Do you have a special design you want on your door? Do you need a curved top to fit an arch? There are so many options when your door is custom built. You can really go all out with the design and make it a door to enjoy, rather than one you don’t want to look at. Get creative with the design and talk to the joiner about how to make your door extra special. They’ll likely have a few ideas.

Your bespoke door will cost more than a ready-to-install door, but you’ll get higher quality and the new door will fit exactly where you need it to.

Should Internal Fire Doors Be Custom Fit?

Fire doors are not usually required in homes, but they may be required in a public building. You should always check the codes and find out what is necessary. However, even if they’re not required by law, fire doors can be an excellent investment. They’re designed to be fire resistant to help slow a house fire and prevent smoke from filling the entire home. A fire door can give you valuable time to escape the home.

These doors tend to be solid so even if they are burning, it will take the fire a long time to get through. However, you may choose doors made from glass, steel, timber, or gypsum, or a combination of these, to prevent the fire from getting out of control.

A fire door also includes a special frame that should meet fire testing guidelines. It will include the full door set, with everything needed to hold the door in place, along with fire resistant hardware, and smoke seals around the edges. These seals are an essential part of slowing the fire down. After all, fire requires oxygen to continue burning, so reducing the amount of air it can suck in will help it die down.

You can purchase fire doors set to regular sizes, but it’s almost always better to have them custom built. The reason for this is fit. With a regular door, it doesn’t matter if the door has a few little gaps. They’re not a big deal for an interior door and if there are a few discrepancies in the doorways of the home, no one cares too much.

However, if a fire door doesn’t fit tightly, with a full seal, it is essentially useless. The door will not stop smoke, which could cause serious bodily harm in the event of a fire. If the seals aren’t working, due to a gap, then you also have the issue of fire getting through. It doesn’t have to move through the door if it can creep through a gap.

Custom fire doors are simply safer for any home, particularly one that has oddly built doorways or hasn’t been perfectly designed.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

You’re the best person to decide on the perfect door for your home. As you’ve seen, both bespoke and standard doors have their benefits. A joiner can help you decide if you need a made to measure door or something more usual, but you can also look at your home and make a decision.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll probably want to stick to the standard door sizes, and this is also the case if you are renovating an existing house that was built for standard sizes. However, if you have the budget and are able to build your home to your own preferences, it’s almost always better to go with custom doors. These are higher quality and provide more options than the average choice in the shop.

Whatever you choose in the end, be sure you’re happy with it. After all, you’ll be living in this home for years to come and you should enjoy the doors you’ve used.

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