How Energy Efficient Are Your Doors?

When choosing a front door for your home, you probably aren’t thinking much about energy efficiency, but it’s an important factor. The exterior doors of your home have a lot to do with how energy efficient your home ends up being, so select carefully.

Best Door Materials

Not all doors are equal, so you need to select the exterior doors for your home based on their energy efficiency and Composite doors are our recommended solution.

There are various innovative technologies used when manufacturing Rockdoor Composite Doors that make their doors superior to most exterior composite doors.

S Glaze technology isn’t just designed to keep homeowners secure, as the glass is locked in to the door draughts are unable to get through the glazing aperture. To put is simply – there is nowhere for the air to go, therefore it cannot escape!

Thermal efficient materials such as PVC-U skins, reinforced frames and Polyurethane foam all work together to achieve the best possible energy ratings.

Low PVC-U Threshold is just another option that you can choose to help reduce energy bills and achieve that all important A++ energy rating!

Windows in Doors

Many front doors feature glass windows to let you see who is on the other side, and also as a decorative element. However, glass allows heat and cold to move freely back and forth if not treated properly.

Clear Backing Glass is a great way to improve the thermal performance of your Rockdoor, as a special coating can be applied to the glass making it even more thermally efficient.

Energy Ratings

When we choose new white goods one of the first things we look at is the colourful energy rating certificate on the front to ensure we’re making the right choice! So why wouldn’t you consider energy efficiency when choosing a new external door, after all, it is likely that your door is where most of the heat escapes, so, whether it’s your front or back door that you’re looking to replace you should consider choosing an energy efficient external door.